Coco's most common issue: Calcium

Unlike traditional potting mixes, coco based mediums tend to absorb calcium and hold on to it.  Though the calcium is held by the coco fibers, it often is not released to the plants in the quantity required for healthy vigorous growth.  In order to prevent calcium deficiencies in your crop, simply implement a calcium supplement early on.  To combat an existing deficiency, we recommend increasing the rate at which you apply your calcium supplement, and/or foliar feed with calcium.  

For example: if you are using Botanicare's Cal-Mag as your calcium supplement, it recommends 5ml/gallon of solution.  We often recommend 7ml/gallon to prevent deficiencies and 10ml/gallon to correct them.  A foliar feed or two tends to correct the deficiency much faster.  Coco specific nutrients often will account for this issue with calcium and may not require you to implement an additional source.


-Allow your container to dry out after the first two waterings to enable your roots to explore and become established within the container.

-Make sure your roots are established before implementing an automated feeding schedule.



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