Basement Mix

    Basement Mix by Royal Gold sets the standard for coco fiber based potting mixes. Developed through years of field application and trial and error, Basement Mix allows traditional container style gardeners to get the benefits of coco fiber without completely changing their system.  Basement Mix is ready to use, straight from the bag with top quality dry amendments, and features an even balance of water holding and air holding capacities.  Basement Mix performs successfully with organic/biological based programs and conventional feeding methods.  It's designed to be fed with a complete nutrient program. Whether you water by hand or automate with drip emitters, sprayers or flood systems, Basement Mix will help turn your basement (or any extra space) into the jungle of your dreams!

INGREDIENTS:  coco fiber, aged forest materials, perlite, lava rock, compost, coco chip, alfalfa meal, feather meal, fish bone meal, basalt, kelp meal, bat guano


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