Mendo Mix

 Mendo Mix, by Royal Gold, is the king of all coco soils. As a heavily amended planting style mix, Mendo Mix is ideal for outdoor gardening in hot climates and bed style gardens. It also works wonders in traditional container style gardens, indoors or in greenhouses, especially for fast-growing annuals. Featuring a complex blend of high-grade dry amendments, along with strong water holding capacities properly balanced with air holding capacities, Mendo Mix allows gardeners to begin feeding after about four weeks of growth. This allows gardeners the ability to adjust their nutrient profile and feeding regimen, according to their crops specific needs, at the proper time.  See for yourself why Mendo Mix rules in the emerald triangle!

INGREDIENTS:  coco fiber, aged forest materials, compost, perlite, coco chip, lava rock, alfalfa meal, feather meal, fishbone meal, basalt, composted chicken manure, kelp meal, bat guano

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