Royal Gold recognizes the need for efficiency in large-scale gardens and provides numerous options to get customers the right amount of soil in the best way possible. Royal Gold features nationally recognized quality in bulk quantities. Available in 1 yard and 2 yard bulk totes or loose by the yard (10-yard order minimum). Going bulk is a great way to reduce cost and consumption by eliminating much of the labor and packaging costs, not to mention waste reduction! 1 yard totes are equal to approximately 173 gallons of top quality soil. They are squat and stable - so stable that people have even been known to plant larger plants and trees right into the tote! 2 yard totes contain about 346 gallons of our premium mixes. Bulk totes are perfect for small family farms, large greenhouse grows, and industrial crop productions. All our totes feature heavy-duty sewn lift straps and are easy to lift with a forklift, Bobcat, or similar machinery. Our totes feature a re-closable, easy-pour chute on the bottom, which makes filling small containers a breeze. Simply lift, pour and repeat!

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